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What is Inflation? d v financial

Các nhà kinh tế liên tục đề cập đến lạm phát và có xu hướng cho rằng đó là một Điều Rất Xấu. Nhưng chính xác thì tại sao, nó đến từ đâu và người ta có thể làm gì để chế ngự nó? Vui lòng đăng ký tại đây: Nếu bạn thích các bộ phim của chúng tôi, hãy xem tại cửa hàng của chúng tôi (chúng tôi giao hàng trên toàn thế giới): Được mang đến cho bạn bởi Sản xuất với sự hợp tác của Vale Productions Music Lanquidity của #TheSchoolOfLife.

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What is Inflation?

What is Inflation?

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What is Inflation?
d v financial
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40 thoughts on “What is Inflation? d v financial”

  1. This silly video is very false. It must have been financed by bankers or government, which are the only real cause of inflating the money supply. Don't let a well done short video fool you into thinking otherwise.

  2. There was a post-war inflation in 1941in Hungary. New Hungarian currency Forint was introduced in 1946.
    There is a hectic time again. This is post covid inflation. The left hand doesn't know what the right one is doing.

  3. Garbage video conflates rising cost of specific goods with inflation which is a global (systemic, not worldwide global) phenomenon from increased money supply, that's it. And the reason Keynes is contested is because none of his theorems are correct.

    I know time is hard to spare, but this 8 min video isn't worth the info of a 1 min video that simply explains increased money supply. For better info, here's someone who's theorems actually match reality.

  4. Wow I still don’t get what inflation is I’ve been trying to learn and I just noticed I’ve already watched this video from my previous comment before. I can’t believe I forgot I watched this video already.

  5. It's so simple.

    The true definition of inflation is an expansion in the currency supply. Rising prices and falling purchasing power of the federal reserve notes are merely the symptoms.

  6. “land rents might be increasing because not enough factories and offices have been built?” how does this make any sense?

  7. none of this is true. companys raise their prices to make more money. there's nothing else to it. they make billions of dollars. they want to make more. they blame it on the supply chain, fuck that, they need to take the costs their self.

  8. Inflation make the poor poorer and the rich richer, why? Because poor people save money (bills, coins) that overtime will lose its value but rich people invest their money in assets that evolve alongside the economy which means that if the inflation goes up the investments of the rich will be worth more than what they paid for them.

    Bills/coins = lose value over time if you just save

    Assets = keep up with the economy by increasing its value overtime alongside the inflation.

    If you save 1 dollar in 10 years that one dollar won't buy you what it used to buy you 10 years prior, on the other hand if you buy a house with 1 dollar, in 10 years that house will be worth 1.5 dollars.

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  10. The main thing I learned from listening to people who think they understand inflation is that we don't understand inflation.

    Btw. this video is a bit too apologetic for me. You're mixing up a lot of things that happen (higher price due to demand) with things that we have full control over (rising taxes, printing money) while leaving out balancing factors (falling prices due to demand). You're also immediately justifying any of these changes e.g. "companies had no choice", "sounds criminial, but there is a logic behind it". I don't share your opinion and I would have apprechiated had you kept your moral opinion separate from the facts.

    All in all 2/10, pretty bad video.

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