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Home » Unboxing the G-Technology G-DRIVE USB External Hard Drive g technology drive

Unboxing the G-Technology G-DRIVE USB External Hard Drive g technology drive

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Unboxing the G-Technology G-DRIVE USB External Hard Drive

Unboxing the G-Technology G-DRIVE USB External Hard Drive

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Unboxing the G-Technology G-DRIVE USB External Hard Drive
g technology drive
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7 thoughts on “Unboxing the G-Technology G-DRIVE USB External Hard Drive g technology drive”

  1. Hello thank you for the video. Is it possible to daisy chain this drive to a G-raid – in order for it to back-up what im working on? .. in premier pro for example? Thanks very much : )

  2. I purchased 12 of these drives, because I needed the storage, and they were the only drives available that did not have their pricing artificially inflated (well, not as much as other drives).
    They are all fast (large files are written at speeds over 250 MB per second, and even close to 300 MB per second at times.

    They have a light, which is informative (steadily lit when powered on, and blinking when the drive is active). The drives even have a power button on the back, which is helpful, too.

    But I had to return two of them:

    — One vibrated quite a bit — much more than the others. That was a sign that it would not last for the long run. And even if still under warranty, there is the matter of down-time and data transfer to a replacement drive, which I do not keep on hand.

    — One would not mount with Windows.

    Disk Manager showed the existence of the drive. But the drive would not mount. No drive letter, no matter what I tried, and on different computers.

    I returned both drives and got two good replacements.

    — All of them hibernate, or spin down, or sleep (whatever it is called). When there is no activity for a while, and you go to write to the drive, it takes several seconds for the drive to wake up.

    — All of them stall after continuously copying 100+ GB to them (sometimes 150 GB — but in that neighborhood). And this is on more than one computer.

    I contacted Western Digital (not an easy task), and their support was nearly useless.

    As to the hibernating:
    Western Digital insists that that is controlled by Windows.
    I told them that I have several Seagate Drives connected to the same computers, and none of them hibernate.
    I also told them that I have Windows set to never shut down the drives — to have only maximum performance. It was like talking to a wall with them

    If you want advanced replacement (so that you can copy your data to a new drive, before returning the defective drive), they charge a $25 fee per drive. They know that they have the customer by the balls, so rather than helping the customer with their brand new, faulty, drive, Western Digital, instead, sticks it to the customer with a fee for brand new faulty drives.

    Western Digital calls their fee a "Convenience Fee". They can call it the "Save The Puppies Fee", and it still adds up to Western Digital sticking it to the customer.

    Unlike Western Digital, Seagate does not screw over their customers.
    I had to send a new drive back to them. They took my credit card information, and sent me a new drive, 2nd Day Air. There was no fee, as long as I returned the faulty drive, which I did, resulting in no charge to my credit card.

    Seagate, from my experience, is not only more reliable and has better quality control, but their Customer Support is there to help their customers, and not find ways to nickle and dime their customers.

    Also, Seagate drives run more quietly, and vibrate less. There are always exceptions. But your odds of getting a problematic drive is much higher with Western Digital, than with Seagate.
    So if prices are similar, and features are similar, I recommend using Seagate drives, and not Western Digital drives.


  3. Activity light?

    I saw a video where they showed the "G", on the front panel, light up. But that was all they covered in that video with regards to the light. So it means that it lights up when there is power.
    But does it blink when there is activity?

    My LaCie drives blink when there is activity, and that it important to me. I would order another one. But those drives are hard to find, in the larger capacities. So I am seeking an alternative.
    The G-Technology drives, although somewhat scarce, are still available, and reasonably priced. But I need to know about the light.

    Thank you.

  4. Hello, after about 2 minutes I stopped watching! Sorry for that, but please consider, that people outside the UK are watching too. Maybe you want to slow down a bit! Also, the translation in the subtitles made a very bad mistake. Instead of using NASes as plural, a not so popular word appears that sounds similar and has a bad historical reference! Hope you did not mean this!

  5. I am a video editor, and I bought a 10 TB G Drive, but my problem was that the disk disconnected when I stopped working with it, and I had to turn it off and on again to make it work again, so I changed it for another because I reported it with that problem and they gave me another one the same and with the new album the same thing happens, I don't know what to do with that problem, I have done everything they have told me to do and the problem continues … I am tired of that, hopefully someone help me and tell me what to do !!

  6. How did you open this???? Mine has failed after one year so trying to open it up and get the drive out to dock it instead. Got the screws off but struggling to get the thin out. Trying to leverage it with a screwdriver?

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