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The VFD that isn't technology connections

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Wouldn’t it be nice if VFDs made a resurgence? Just put VFDs on everything, already! Make VFDs the new “blockchain” or “neural networks” or whatever. Priorities, people!

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The VFD that isn't

The VFD that isn't

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The VFD that isn't
technology connections
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45 thoughts on “The VFD that isn't technology connections”

  1. VFD is the technology behind Nutube, used by Vox, Ibanez & others for guitar & amp gear in some newer products. VFD can do the same thing as a 12AX7, but with lower current.

  2. I am going to go with early 90's on that JVC based on the button styles, coloring, and controls. 1990-1994 likely. ALL the stereos looked like that because Poineer came out with the phenomenal VSX-D702S receiver…. which everyone copied – I have one in my stereo rack to the right of me right now, use it every day!

  3. I was about to say "maybe this is during a time before manufacturers were slapping buzzwords on products to sell them" then I noticed "ROLLED RECEIVER" and "Quartz Lock" prominently displayed above the display panel.

  4. JVC ran this line for a while. Not long after retiring their stackers, they kind of wound down their presence in the home electronics market. The amplifier was a good find. That was a well-sold model.

  5. Fisher FM-26. It was a tuner that complemented the Fisher CA-26 integrated amplifier, back when "component style" sound systems were popular. (Actually, the FM-26 needs the CA-26, as it doesn't have its own power supply and plugs in to a proprietary DC power output socket on the CA-26.) Getting back on point, the Fisher FM-26 has an LCD with a warm yellow backlight, and a tiny red filter over one of its display elements to make it appear to "glow red" when it becomes non-opaque.

    I have a feeling this style of reverse-contrast LCD + backlight was introduced when custom LCDs started becoming cheaper than custom VFDs, but the aesthetics of VFDs were still in-vogue.

  6. I gotta say, man, watching your videos while inebriated is rather entertaining. It's entertaining when sober too. Okay, your videos are just entertaining in general.

  7. 4:28 – I recommend investing in a simple diffraction spectroscope. It's fascinating to see the different spectra of different light sources and the absorption or reflection of various materials, plus it can help you figure out what kind of light you're looking at. I can see local street lights that are fluorescent. I can see that the little red lights that tell me my stovetop surface is hot are neon. I can see how a typical color LED has an emission spectrum with a smooth peak, while a laser LED has a single, pronounced spike. I got a basic one for about $30, and it's so clear that I can even see absorption lines from Earth's atmosphere. With a little bit of familiarity, you'll be able to tell whether you're looking at a filtered incandescent light, a mixture of red and green LEDs, or a true amber LED.

  8. Phosphors are incredible. They catalyze the vaporization of the tinest packets of condensed phase spacetime, converting them back into plane waves for us to see with our eyes.

  9. All I know VFDs as is "Variable Freqeuency Drive" and I was very confused. I was like "we've never used more of them and they're seriously amazing."

  10. The best thing about the VFD colour scheme is that it is reasonably friendly to dark adapted eyes. The bright blue LEDs that were all the rage when blue diods could be made cheeply are _horrible_. Sure, even red LEDs can be too bright, but they rarely illuminate a whole room.

  11. My parents used to have this radio which had a huge VFD, displayed time, titel and songwriter. Which disk was playing and have 5 or 6 bands for the spectrum analyzer. Sadly we discarded it, but i want it again (if even possible) i dont know the name, or the brand anymore sadly. If anyone here knows some which has the same layout please let me know 🙂

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