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Home » Switch Lite – a PC Gamer's Perspective technology gamer

Switch Lite – a PC Gamer's Perspective technology gamer

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The Switch Lite is awesome to use on the go, but can this make up for the functionality it looses?

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Switch Lite – a PC Gamer's Perspective

Switch Lite – a PC Gamer's Perspective

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Switch Lite – a PC Gamer's Perspective
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32 thoughts on “Switch Lite – a PC Gamer's Perspective technology gamer”

  1. If Nintendo made a dock that would charge 2 Joycons, be able to attach the Switch Lite and give it the missing "TV Mode", it would make really big bucks IMO, even if the price of the Switch Lite + Dock was more than the "big Switch" + Dock.

    The dock would require additional hardware making it more than a simple dock for that though.

  2. I got the Nintendo switch and it became my best friend even so to the point where A woman from a church I attend during a grill out in a park with the church (she was elderly) asked whether or not it would be good for her grandson who was 6 at the time. A about earlier this year I saw him on a switch playing his heart out and turns out she got it for him and the year later the switch lite came but the lil guy had a sibling

  3. I love my switch. I think the lite is a wonderful option for people that don’t have a tv or people that don’t already have eye problems I don’t fall in that bride category so I’m just gunna continue on with my switch.

  4. We have a family switch but I wanted one for myself. I preordered the switch oled but changed my mind and went for the lite and I’m loving it it feels so much nicer and stronger in the hand even having big hands as I am 6,1 tall I still find the switch lite some comfortable. I think it could be because it’s lighter. I’m hoping eventually they will upgrade the switch lite with an oled display and maybe a system upgrade and some games do struggle a bit. I downloaded doom internal and it’s so much fun. The main reason I got the lite is because I have no intention of docking it.

  5. Linus: The Switch Lite is great! I highly recommend it! But it isn't perfect.

    Nintendo Fanboys: Pppfffffffffffwwwwwhhhaaaaaat????????? HOW DARE YOU TRASH THE SWITCH LITE????!!

  6. "Thanks to it's smaller size, I'd be surprised if you didn't use the touchscreen all the time"
    Me who hates smudging fingerprints on displays: NO

  7. I REALLLLLLYYYY think they should have just added video out and made you buy a special dock or something seperately.

    The smaller screen and no motion controls and all that jazz, still justifies the different price points and having both imo. Without artificially preventing tv play. Wouldn't cost anything to add some video out via USB c

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