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Home » Nvidia – Destined For Greatness – A Financial and Competitive Analysis. financial modeling esports

Nvidia – Destined For Greatness – A Financial and Competitive Analysis. financial modeling esports

Hiểu được sự vươn lên thành vĩ đại của Nvidia … và hơn thế nữa. ♥ Đăng ký AdoredTV – ► Hỗ trợ AdoredTV thông qua Patreon ◄ Địa chỉ Bitcoin – 1HuL9vN6Sgk4LqAS1AS6GexJoKNgoXFLEX Địa chỉ Ethereum – 0xB3535135b69EeE166fEc5021De725502911D9fd2 ♥ Mua bộ phận PC từ Amazon bên dưới. ♥ Cửa hàng USA MỚI! – ♥ Canada – ♥ Anh – ♥ Đức – ♥ Pháp – ♥ Ý – ♥ Tây Ban Nha – ►Tải ​​các trò chơi giá rẻ nghiêm túc tại các liên kết bên dưới! — Liên kết Video Dưới đây —.

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Nvidia - Destined For Greatness - A Financial and Competitive Analysis.

Nvidia – Destined For Greatness – A Financial and Competitive Analysis.

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Nvidia – Destined For Greatness – A Financial and Competitive Analysis.
financial modeling esports
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34 thoughts on “Nvidia – Destined For Greatness – A Financial and Competitive Analysis. financial modeling esports”

  1. NVidia is an excellent marketing company. Most people don't realize that they are well ahead of the technology for their product base. They could, if they wished, produce a product 4 to 6 times, perhaps more, the performance of their own current lead products. Their paradigm is to dribble out video cards, based on marketing needs alone. This is why they have crafted a precise release plan based on a 15% step improvement schedule. They keep a long reserve of performance capability to be able to respond to changes in the market as needed to maintain their superiority. It also makes them appear agile and responsive technologically, even though they are essentially loafing along. Their ace in the hole is their AI project, which drives all of their gaming video card technology. The thrust of their product lineup is to make certain that nothing in their gaming lineup can ever be used to provide cheap AI utility to that market segment. If it doesn't boost or provide any AI utility, it doesn't get done. NVidia uses a brute force approach to video game graphics. They have no need to allow any progression to occur technologically in the game market. Things like async shaders are resisted, because they do not lend themselves to any AI technological application. AI has on the other hand driven them so far up the brute force capability path, that they can just release just enough performance to maintain their lead, on demand. Prof of this approach is the cause of the 3.5GB cards sold as 4GB. The 11GB cards for their main line products. NVidia has to actually spend money to hamstring their products to obtain the marketing desired product performance. Everything at NVidia is done as a top down design. It has gotten to the point that the public never gets to see the true top end of the generational chip. They have even gotten to the point of crafting the performance of the higher end professional cards as well. If you look to the AI products however, it is apparent that the AI products are capable of stratospheric performance for a stratospheric price. The only way anyone can compete is to wait. AMD has to allow NVidia to release their card first, no matter how long a wait, and then release their own card targeted for whatever level they can. If they ignore NVidia, and release first, NVidia will set the next card to a level that will brute force their way into superiority. The only way to win is to run NVidia out of their reserve headroom. NVidia has been sandbagging for years now, so that target is a huge unknown. Any product delays they have are marketing driven to insure their superiority.

  2. I still cant understand the graph at 23:30 – the major dip just comes out of nowhere, and earlier, even with the better architecture (Terascale at the time) AMD still gets hammered.

  3. Hm, looks like Nvidia has been making a ton of smart investments. Crypto specific cards was a really smart move to go towards, even if AMD is crushign them there atm its still a really smart thing to get their name out there.

  4. gtx 1070 is one tier above rx 580 yet in mining they both draw same power, have same speed (about 31-32 mh) but amd cost at least 250 $ less. Rx vega mining is almost DOUBLE compared to "non existing" titan v 3000$ gpu (monero, electroneum…).
    So amd is mining king not nvidia adored

  5. Intel laid off half their CPU architects in the last 4 years and that is what allowed AMD to eat them alive with risen. This is from a friend here in Silicon Valley. Now it looks like they are just turning into a 100% marketing company selling other people's IP in their commodity CPU chip sets

  6. AdoredTV Another great video mate! As much as I was hoping to see AMD mount a comeback and take some decent ground in the near future, looking at those numbers and your keen assessment of them shows that to be almost impossible. I expected Nvidia to be strength to strength but those are some amazing numbers, and the best/worst thing about it is that Nvidia seems to have earned it fair and square, they haven't played any really dirty tricks like Intel has, and that deserves our respect…

    Cheers Jim

  7. If manufacturers really want to be “gamers” friendly they should implement some kind of “mileage counter” into hardware of GPUs… then second hand prices would drop & miners would more consider buying mining specific cards, so prices of new cards would be more like MSRP and in stock…
    Or maybe there’s something like this right now?

  8. In the past ATI would have a better higher end card than Nvidia! People would buy Nvidia no matter what! That’s why Amd doesn’t go super high end gaming no more! I do think they are on to something with there APU raven ridge! If they can come out with a higher end APU! Like a 1800x with vega 56 or 64 integrated graphics! They will hurt Nvidia

  9. Jim you should stop worrying so much about your video length. You have subscribers who wait patiently to watch your videos, a few extra minutes of content is plenty welcome haha

  10. My man,… AdoreTV are you sure you don't have a tech army journalisms in your house? I'm just surprised how you take a none popular subject and turn it into another amazing show.

  11. I'm a fan of tech, but at the same time the industry depresses me. It should be an industry where science matters above everything else, but in reality companies like Apple, nVidia, and Intel just sell and sell and sell regardless of what they actually put on the market.

    CPU competition is in such a state that AMD can put 16 cores up against 10 at $1,000 and just about make 50% of the market sales, GPU competition is largely non existent in the high end, and Microsoft dominate software and gaming APIs.

    But as I've learned, the weak link of IT is that it still has the people problem.

  12. Another interesting video mate 🙂 (Sorry it took me so long, i swear YouTube didn't tell me you'd put a video out, but it's there now apparently). I do wonder if the AMD/Intel partnership is going to save AMD when the mining bubble bursts, it certainly seems like it could be a steady but high source of revenue for them, as you say, their GPU's are going to become less desirable and we might have a repeat of the last mining bubble. Nvidia seem content in being in the lead at least, it's a shame, I'd like to see the new Volta cards coming out for gamers, but I guess until AMD (sorry, the Radeon Technology Group) gives them something to worry about, they aren't going to bat an eye.

  13. Great video mate! Perfect layout/setup/script and execution. But I think it's a little too short actually. There are a few things I think you could have explained further. And there's actually no need to apology for a slightly late video. You are very consistent. Frankly, the apologies are a bit annoying as they feel unnecessary. Maybe your wallet says something else, but we do not really need to know that 😉 Cheers!

  14. 8:00 Really Jim, you think the increase in sales correspondent to Pascal, is due to Nvidia UNDERSTANDING their market better? Tinfoil m8… Pascal got a HUGE jump because – once Pascal launched, AMD has had NOTHING that can come close to competing at gaming for the prices and wattage (I mention wattage because that means more Laptop GPU shares.)

  15. I absolutely agree with your assessment, Jim. By the end of 2018, I expect Nvidia to dominate mining.
    Mining is all about ROI and therefore about the relation of initial cost compared to hashrate (revenue) and power draw (cost).
    Polaris is mining Ethash, Vega is mining cryptonight/Ethash.

    Nvidia on the other hand is much more efficient at Equihash, which is stressing the GPU stream processors much more compared to Ethash which is mostly about memory bandwith.

    When Ethereum will be done phasing out mining and new algos arise and/or older, more gpu intensive algos arise I don't think Polaris and to a lesser extent Vega, will be proftitable anymore.

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