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Home » Is human evolution speeding up or slowing down? – Laurence Hurst technology evolution

Is human evolution speeding up or slowing down? – Laurence Hurst technology evolution

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In the past 3,000 years, many populations have evolved genetic adaptations to their local environments. People in Siberia and the high arctic are uniquely adapted to survive extreme cold. The Bajau people can dive 70 meters and stay underwater for almost 15 minutes. So what are other recent changes? And will our technological innovations impact our evolution? Laurence Hurst investigates.

Lesson by Laurence Hurst, directed by Philip Piaget & Rikke Planeta.

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Is human evolution speeding up or slowing down? - Laurence Hurst

Is human evolution speeding up or slowing down? – Laurence Hurst

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Is human evolution speeding up or slowing down? – Laurence Hurst
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33 thoughts on “Is human evolution speeding up or slowing down? – Laurence Hurst technology evolution”

  1. Give every mathematical step how life started and became complex through the human brain

    I know you can't

    CRASH …

    If you follow the Hebrew of Genesis one it's actually being confirmed by modern science that is the order of events at least

    The Jews had various theories of the actions God-made

    But there are 13 to 24 events in the correct order meaning the odds are between one and a billion to 1 and 10 ^ 24

    That is the Hebrew not the English

    New York Times review of Lawrence Krauss's book pointed out that there are things in his model that are stuff that have not been answered

    Also time is relative see Gerald schroeder age of the universe

    Just keep in mind that when physicists say nothing they're actually talking about stuff it's just invisible stuff

    The Atlantic article has physics made religion and philosophy obsolete with Lawrence Krauss with Lawrence Krauss who admits the science has never shown something can come from nothing

  2. Getting glasses is also an evolution, not a good one caused by doing too many close up things and not going outside, (despite what many think tv's don't effect your eyes unless it's square.). So if people call you four eyes you can say you are more advanced than them

  3. Recently they also noticed that when a pregnant mother takes the vaccine or had contracted Covid during her pregnancy, the baby born is born with in borne covid resistance. It's really beautiful how mother nature is helping the newer generation to adapt even to this day

  4. Evolution is a lie. Stop poisoning our children's minds. Darwin himself admitted there is NO proof. Adapting to environments does not even fit a true scientist's definition of "Evolution". Selective breeding of people, dogs, cats, horses, and cows, is not proof of evolution. Stop using the words natural selection and environmental adaptation to prove Evolution. Those words and the word evolution are NOT interchangeable.

  5. Prediction…A hundred years from now (maybe sooner) You will be able to buy computer chips that are placed in slots in your head that program your brain to -Play a piano or do math problems or do fantastic feats …A great complement in those days will be something like this 'He plays the piano wonderfully and WITHOUT A CHIP ! "

  6. Adaptation is not the same thing with evolution. Evolution it's a theory that's trying to explain how NEW life forms have emerged from nonlife forms, which has not been proven so far, although even those who belive this theory, reach unintentionally, to personify evolution using verbs such as conceive, form or even create. But adaptation it's the intelligent peoject of the survival of already existing life forms, although we have not to forget that the main reason for existence of life is not adaptation but the already favorable conditions that facilitate and alow biological forms to remain alive, because no adaptation can make it possible to survive at -200 degrees Celsius or without water, etc. I know that for human pride it's easier to admit that there is no form more intelligent and superior than him, but nevertheless, let us admit that we are far from the smartest in the Universe.

  7. We are absolutely evolving faster simply because our populations are larger. There is inevitably more variation in larger populations than smaller ones. You can't escape selection unless we go full on laboratory gestation or genetic engineering.

  8. Human evolution is increasing rapidly, because it allows greater diversity of genes to exist, even ones who would otherwise not exist due to killing us. This would result in greater diversity which when eventually put in the conditions where human civilization can't interfere with natural selection will result in mass deaths of individuals with unsustainable genetic variations while leaving neutral or positive ones.

  9. according to geology we havent evolved since the begining. Homosapiens are the only survivers left over the history of earth as we existed while other upright beings were here. the bible even says it and geological evidence back up the findings.

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