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Home » History’s Biggest Financial Crashes a financial history of the world

History’s Biggest Financial Crashes a financial history of the world

Muốn vui vẻ với sự thật của bạn? Xem BLAZE DOANH NGHIỆP: → Đăng ký để nhận video mới mỗi ngày! Tìm thêm danh sách tại: Các kênh YouTube khác của chúng tôi: Tiểu sử: Địa lý: Yêu cầu kinh doanh tới [email protected] Các video khác của TopTenz: Máy bay thương mại đáng kinh ngạc mà chúng ta có thể thấy trong tương lai 10 Khám phá khảo cổ kinh hoàng hơn Phiên bản văn bản: Sắp phát hành: 8. The Late Sự sụp đổ nhà ở những năm 80 7. Sự sụp đổ của hoa Tulip năm 1637 6. Cú sốc về giá dầu của OPEC năm 1973 5. Cuộc khủng hoảng nợ hiện tại ở châu Âu 4. Cuộc khủng hoảng Suez năm 1956 3. Cuộc khủng hoảng tài chính năm 2008 2. Cuộc đại suy thoái 1. Coronavirus hiện tại Nguồn khủng hoảng / Đọc thêm:.

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History’s Biggest Financial Crashes

History’s Biggest Financial Crashes

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#Historys #Biggest #Financial #Crashes
History’s Biggest Financial Crashes
a financial history of the world
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35 thoughts on “History’s Biggest Financial Crashes a financial history of the world”

  1. 8:07 WHOA!!! I was working on adding some books I collect to an Excel spreadsheet… And I looked at the date of the book I was holding to see its publication date and it was 1929 and like IMMEDIATELY after I thought "Okay, 1929" I heard Simon also mention the year 1929… Felt really weird… Like, he said it in the video a few seconds after I looked at the date in the book which was the same date he said…

  2. I can’t understand how the price of meat has doubled here in Las Vegas in the past 5 & 1/2 months. I don’t want to be a vegetarian but I may be forced into it.

  3. Simon Business Blaze has not been about business in a while. Let it not be forgotten that you currently have a co-host called Charles that spews some interesting conspiracy theories.
    Oh man most of the top comments are people making Business Blaze in-jokes and that is fantastic.

  4. I think the Japanese financial crash of 1990 should have been mentioned. Like so many on this list one of the root causes was financial speculation(among other causes). But it was unique in that there was no sudden shock no serious climatic moment it was a bubble that didn't necessarily pop but deflated, that put the Japanese economy into a state recession and then stagnant growth for 10 to 20 years some say the economy has never really recovered from it. Japan was predicted that it would overtake the US now its remained in third place for 3 decades and is likely to be relegated to 4th as India will likely surpass it.

  5. Business blaze – basically like drunk history but Simon blazes it up and tells stories of different businesses… or maybe it’s not, go and find out.

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  7. Israel HAD NOTHING to do with the 1973 OPEC crisis. Simon you have made some really nasty Anti-Israel comments. Its been very obvious you don’t like Jews or Israel! Shame on you!

  8. That was the worse best description of Business Blaze ever! 🤣

    Next time just show a clip of you snorting cocaine and threatening Danny. Allegedly.

  9. For those casual watchers of Simon's videos, business blaze is by far my favorite channel. I've subscribed to all, but business blaze is pure fun, funny, and just gut busting laughter.

  10. You mentioned the greed of bankers during the part on the 2008 crash, yet you never mentioned the politicians who in the nineties passed the "fair housing act" which forced those bankers to create risky mortgages in the first place, which eventually led to the collapse. Everybody calls the bankers greedy but completely ignore the fact that they literally had to by law

  11. People going from here to Business Blaze for the first time, they're in for a shock, as much of a shock as bankers get when they find out that the value of money can fall aswell as rise… 😛

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