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Home » Disney Princess Melody Mashup (1937-2021) | プリンセス メロディ 最も閲覧された投稿

Disney Princess Melody Mashup (1937-2021) | プリンセス メロディ 最も閲覧された投稿

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Disney Princess Melody Mashup (1937-2021)
Disney Princess Melody Mashup (1937-2021)

Disney Princess Melody Mashup (1937-2021) – プリンセス メロディ このトピックの詳細

テーマの説明 プリンセス メロディ:

Hoped you enjoyed this mashup of all the hit Disney princess songs from the films! Thank you so much to everyone who watched this it means a lot. (Edit: And thank you all for getting this video to ONE MILLION VIEWS!!!!)
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*Music in this video*
0:14-0:59-Snow White (I’m Wishing, Someday My Prince Will Come)
0:59-2:33-Cinderella (So This Is Love, A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes)
2:33-4:09-Aurora (I Wonder, Once Upon A Dream)
4:09-6:33-Ariel (Main Titles, Part Of Your World Reprise, Under The Sea)
6:33-8:53-Belle (Belle Reprise, Beauty And The Beast)
8:53-10:46-Jasmine (A Whole New World)
10:46-13:43-Pochahauntus (Just Around The Riverbend, Color Of The Winds)
13:43-16:18-Mulan (Reflection, I’ll Make A Man Out Of You)
16:18-17:45-Tiana (Almost There, Down In New Orleans Finale)
17:45-21:07-Rapunzel (When Will My Life Begin, I See The Lights)
21:07-22:22-Merida (Touch The Sky)
22:22-26:04-Anna \u0026 Elsa (First Time In Forever, Let It Go)
26:04-29:09-Moana (We Know The Way, I am Moana-Song of Ancestors)
29:09-31:36-Elsa \u0026 Anna (Into The Uknown, Show Yourself)
Into The Unkown Piano Piece (Patrick Pietschmann):
*I do not own any of the audio and clips played in this edit. ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY AND THE WALT DISNEY ANIMATION COMPANY*
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Disney Princess Melody Mashup (1937-2021)
Disney Princess Melody Mashup (1937-2021)

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  • 動画のアップロード日: 2021/01/08
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