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Andrew Neil quits GB News Last nail in coffin?! financial times

Sự ra đi của Andrew Neil với tư cách là người dẫn chương trình từ kênh hàng đầu của riêng anh ấy có thể chỉ là cái đinh cuối cùng trong quan tài đối với GB News. VUI LÒNG HỖ TRỢ CÔNG VIỆC CỦA TÔI TRÊN YOUTUBE VIA PATREON TẠI: HOẶC QUA PAYPAL: Hàng hóa: Hình ảnh: “Andrew Neil, Daily Politics (r)” của Financial Times Hình ảnh được cấp phép theo CC BY 2.0 – – #GBNews #AndrewNeil #NigelFarage.

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Andrew Neil quits GB News  Last nail in coffin?!

Andrew Neil quits GB News Last nail in coffin?!

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Andrew Neil quits GB News Last nail in coffin?!
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35 thoughts on “Andrew Neil quits GB News Last nail in coffin?! financial times”

  1. Nah. I think they have enough to survive. Besides, any news channel that depends upon just one person is doomed yo fail anyway. We will see though I must say it's not quite what I expected.

  2. Come on Jeff – you sound a little like 'that' Alex Belfield, concerning GB News… Whilst Andrew Neil is obviously well respected, I don't think the channel actually need him on a daily basis – they clearly have enough to work with. GB News must get tougher on certain issues, but I think it's fair to say, they do offer a good alternative to the awful BBC and Sky News, particularly.

  3. AS someone who considers myself right leaning in my views, I like a lot of what GB news is doing, being a voice of the other side to the mostly left leaning media, but there also seems to be a dark side to it that unnerves me a little. They seem to really have it in for the trans community, they seemed to have singled them out, and that surely can't be a good look for the channel. They need to stick to the politics more, rather than persecuting groups of people for their gender or sexual orientation, or they are going to lose a lot of viewers.

  4. I still think they f'd up from the start, the channel name should have been GB TV, not news. It's more like a radio channel than a TV channel and had they called it GB TV they could have gained revenue showing old movies, or create their own shows not news related. I mean ffs, who wants to watch news 24-7 etc

  5. While at first excited for GB News I stopped being a regular watcher because it offered almost nothing but the usual post-journalistic parroting of smug middle-class dogma, even if it was sometimes a different dogma to the woke totalitarians. Without deep and thoughtful analysis of current political and global affairs it was just another endless magazine show.

  6. Andrew Neil eventually realised that GB news is a cowboy outfit.
    Let’s set the record straight, Andrew Neil was broadcasting his show from his French Chateau…..Oh the irony 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Andrew Neil will still be appearing as a guest commentator and the dull studio backgrounds have recently been updated to a brighter red, white and blue which certainly appeals more. Many GB News viewers have complained that it’s been too dull and centre right and since Farage has been hired the numbers have increased; GB News can move slightly more right WITHOUT imitating Fox News.

  8. Gb news has 260. 000 subskriberes and Jeff has 110.000 it says it all ! he can’t attract more viewers that an insignificant you tuber 😖 the British pillow man 😂

  9. The sad fact is GB News are still somewhat left of centre, swinging alarmingly far-left when ever someone breaks cover, and yet this is apparently the best we have seen in a very long time. Low expectations being realised. We'll just have to wait for something robustly and unapologetically right of centre to come along, and restore some much needed balance. Until then, just sit back and suck up the narrative, even if it is marginally toned down a little on GB News. The real issues are still not being addressed, as everyone knows.

  10. Not every program would have to have the same format (bias, balance, etc) on GB News. In fact, varied formats and approaches among the programs would make the channel that much more interesting.

  11. As long as Nigel, Neil, and Mercy are on the air people will listen as they are the real stars of the programme!!! Andrew Neil was the gravitas that got the channel up and noticed by the mainstream. Now he can be the heavyweight guest that injects bite on serious subjects as required! GB News does not have to be a rolling 24-hour channel to have meaning in the country! What are the figures for the BBC 24 News? with its hourly repeats that don't keep up with what is happening as you would expect from such a vast organisation!

  12. GBNews is still finding its feet, there are a few on there that I can't watch because they waffle to much, the pairing of the annoying McCoy and Garraway does not work for me, I've watched GBNews and will continue to do so, I've not watched the vile BBC ever since GBNews started. As for Andrew Neil who cares if he slings his hook.

  13. It’s a bit rich calling out Fox News when you have such click-bait titles yourself! Pot calling the kettle black, me thinks. To be fair, Andrew Neil was looking old and overwhelmed by his commitments to GB NEWS months before its launch. They need younger, more vigorous minds…and to exploit their USP which is that they are the only right-leaning channel in the UK. I might be part of the problem though: I only consume GB NEWS via YouTube!

  14. Surprised at Jeff's obvious dislike for Fox News,personally,given the near monopoly of the airwaves in America for openly left to far left views,I'm often surprised at the attempted even handedness of the likes of Tucker Carlson.Would an openly right wing news channel be so unpopular in the UK? I doubt it.

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