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5 Habits keeping You Poor financial habits

Trong video này, tôi sẽ chia sẻ với bạn 5 thói quen khiến bạn nghèo để bạn có thể tránh những sai lầm này và nhận ra thành công tài chính trong cuộc sống của mình. Thói quen 1: Sử dụng thẻ tín dụng Thói quen 2: Mua sắm tự phát Thói quen 3: Không lập ngân sách Thói quen 4: Không đầu tư Thói quen 5: Không theo dõi chi tiêu của bạn #FinancialWisdom Video khác: Tại sao người giàu lại nghèo nhưng người giàu lại tận hưởng cuộc sống – 9 cách để trở nên tốt Với Tiền – Tại Sao Bạn Luôn Bị Vỡ – 7 ĐIỂM TÀI CHÍNH – TẠI SAO BẠN SẼ KHÔNG BAO GIỜ GIÀU CÓ – Dùng thử miễn phí 30 ngày có thể nghe được: Music: (Dreams) by Bensound.com Thực Tế Trí Tuệ – Ý Tưởng Thú Vị TUYÊN BỐ TUYÊN BỐ: Tôi không phải là cố vấn tài chính. Những video này chỉ dành cho mục đích giáo dục. Không có lời khuyên tài chính chính thức nào được đưa ra. Vui lòng luôn kiểm tra với chuyên gia trước khi thực hiện bất kỳ khoản đầu tư hoặc quyết định tài chính nào. Các khoản đầu tư của bạn là trách nhiệm duy nhất của bạn, những video này chỉ chia sẻ ý kiến ​​của riêng tôi mà không đảm bảo lãi hay lỗ. .

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5 Habits keeping You Poor

5 Habits keeping You Poor

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5 Habits keeping You Poor
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27 thoughts on “5 Habits keeping You Poor financial habits”

  1. I LOVE to cook so when this pandemic hit, it really didn't phase me too much as far as eating out was concerned 😂 One things for sure, we are saving so much money now since we are not eating out, and now that I'm stuck at home it gave me the oppertunity to start my cooking channel, something I had always wanted to do 🤗 needless to say I am enjoying every minute of it 😁

  2. The easiest Idea anyone can relate easily was to invest funds in a multiple outfits which will help create a stable Funds . I make $9000 in a Trade on my trading account

  3. All my money goes on rent food and bills the rest goes in to savings……the only time I actually get something bis if I find it for free on Facebook

  4. Save what? If you dont have money how can i invest or bonds if i donr have money i can jst about be good and pay my way. Ita easy said than done you need practical help with money in your hand then we can invest. I dont waste food or money or clothes or items but it was helpful Thank you

  5. Saving will save your money, but it won't make you money.
    investing will make you money from money you have (or not have = leverage), but it also can lose you money.

    the key is save money and learn to invest not to loss.

  6. I have cut back on all the stuff I don’t need just want. Like eating out, booze, and hookers. Hooker are the hardest to stay away from thought and there the most expensive 😖

  7. Honestly, you only live once🤷🏽‍♂️ not saying that Im not personally applying this I was lucky enough to wake up and learn my financial needs but this lesson should be taught right before every student leaves high school they know if the masses were educated before LIFE actually started it would be a better world I could into detail but you get the picture.

  8. This is right wing propaganda.

    What's actually keeping you poor:
    The breakup of unions
    Trickle down economics
    Gig economy
    Rising price of necessities such as rent, housing costs, education, and healthcare
    Rising inequality, in other words money going to pensions and company profits rather than wages
    Corporate bailouts, using taxpayer money or printing money which increases inflation raising the cost of living, that only goes to stock buybacks

    Not using credit cards or improved consumer habits will not create better jobs, restore unions, or reverse automation. You're trying to put the blame of being poor on the poor instead of the problems with modern capitalism.

  9. Rule #1 is incorrect.. never use cash; it doesn’t pay any points that you get from credit cards, just don’t overspend and pay in full every month using autopay.

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